"Steel detailers are the bridge between the design professionals and the trades"
 Missouri Board of Review 1982 after the Kansas City Hyatt Tragedy

Often you work from design documents prepared by architects, engineers, and contractors. As you review the drawings and specs, you have, no doubt, found mistakes and missing information. This is often due to decreased fees and tightened schedules thrust upon the designers, leaving the burden to you to figure it out.


Communicating these issues to an architect by phone, while driving between jobs is challenging enough. Trying to have him/her visualize your issue, then understanding the verbal response with no written confirmation is very risky.


A drawing, explaining what you are building, and a place to clearly write questions, provides the designer a place to explain their intentions, and a document that gives you clear directive and back up in case someone questions why you did what you did.




St. Louis Zoo


Eureka Forge

Number of Drawings

77 drawings

Grizzly Bear greets guests at the Grizzly Ridge Habitat 

Plan of Grizzly Bear Holding Rooms, used when bears are receiving care

Elevation of one of the Holding Room Panels with Gates, Food Chutes, Paw Access Doors and more

We are


We are

On Time

We are


We are

Made in America

Glass Stair Treads on Center Stringer

Fire Escape in Philly

Driveway Gate at New Jersey Estate

How can Bridgeton Drafting Company help you reach your goals?

In addition to providing drawings that will guide your shop and field crews, we can handle all the coordination with the design professionals and the trades thru the approval process, freeing you to run your business.

Detailers Provide…..

 Experience with design, codes, engineering 

 Ideas from working with many fabricators

 The link between designers and fabricator

Presentation Drawings to better sell your product

 Coordination during the approval process

 Drawings the shop and field follow 

Clear description of exactly what you are providing

 Record for your customer for future use

Basis for dealing with back charges, extras, and litigation

 Freedom for you to run your business 


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